Eastern Mediterranean University

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İsmet İnönü Bulvarı, Gazimağusa

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  • جامعة شرق البحر المتوسط
  • جامعة شرق البحر المتوسط
  • جامعة شرق البحر المتوسط
  • جامعة شرق البحر المتوسط
  • جامعة شرق البحر المتوسط

About Eastern Mediterranean University:

Eastern Mediterranean University was established in Northern Turkish Cyprus in 1979. The university ranked among the best 1500 universities around the world. Since its establishment, the university has been able to have a global standing, attracting students from all over the world. The university has about 20,000 students and 1,100 academic professors from 35 different countries.

Eastern Mediterranean University is a member of the International Association of Universities, the Association of European Universities, the Community of Mediterranean Universities and the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World. It also holds several international recognitions, such as the (ABET) for the College of Engineering and the (ACA) for the College of Communications and other international recognitions.

University vision

The vision of Eastern Mediterranean University is to provide high quality education based on scientific production, and to be a leading university and the most preferred by students and faculty in its unique geographical location in the Turkish island of Cyprus.

University mission
Provide education and scientific research activities in accordance with universal values ​​and internationally recognized academic educational standards
Providing solutions to regional and international problems based on its social responsibility
Graduating generations that absorb cultural pluralism, free thought, tolerance and participation, and are able to carry out work that benefits society in the fields of production, science, arts and sports
Basic principles
free thought
Moral values
Scientific production
environmental awareness
Stand against discrimination of any kind
Advantages of studying at Eastern Mediterranean University
The educational quality and the quality of the curricula, making it one of the best Turkish universities
The advanced infrastructure, the university is interested in developing its infrastructure and introducing modern technology everywhere within the university (classrooms, conference and meeting rooms, laboratories and laboratories)
Skilled faculty members from different countries and cultures
The university adopts English as the primary language of study
Student exchange opportunities, where Eastern Mediterranean University offers students the opportunity to spend a semester or two in one of the universities with which the European Union cooperates in 13 countries around the world, including America, Canada, Italy, Austria, South Korea and China
It owns more than 30 research centers, a number of halls, galleries, museums and art workshops
The university owns one of the largest cultural and conference centers in the region
The university has a fully equipped health center with 13 specialized doctors and a private ambulance
It has a large library that includes books, resources and audio-visual encyclopedias, aiming to support education and research activities, to meet the needs of students and faculty members to obtain the information they need in education and scientific research, to achieve its vision of becoming one of the best sources of information in the region
research centers

Eastern Mediterranean University seeks to follow the latest scientific and technological developments through several research centers, including:

Archeology and Cultural Heritage Research Center (AKVAM)
Atatürk Research and Application Center (ATAUM)
Building Science Research Center (BSRC)
Center for Strategic Studies
Center for Research on the Cultural Heritage of the Eastern Mediterranean (DAKMAR)
Economic Research Center
Energy Research Center
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center
Information Technology Research and Development Center
Marine Science Research Center
Student Activities

Eastern Mediterranean University offers a rich university life to its students. In addition to a strong academic education, it provides many social and cultural activities. It has more than 50 student clubs, including the Photography Club, Music Club, Art Club and other sports and social clubs. It also offers a wide range of sports facilities. It includes a modern stadium with a capacity of 5000 seats, an open area of ​​66,500 square meters for sports and a closed sports complex that includes various sports

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جامعة شرق البحر المتوسط

Department  Years of study Language  Tuition Fees Discount Price
Medicine 6 English 20.161$ 20.161$
Dentistry 5 English 18.250$ 18.250$
Pharmacy 5 English  15727$ 8.240$
Actuarial Sciences 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Mathematics and Computer Sciences 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Molecular Biology and Genetics 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Psychology 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Business Administration 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Information Technology 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Economics 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Accounting and Financial Management 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Banking and Finance 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Insurance and banking 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
International Finance 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
International Trade 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
International Relations 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Information Systems Management 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Political Sciences 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Marketing 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Human Resource Management 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Public Administration 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
digital game design 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Public relations and Advertising 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Radio, Television and Film Studies 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Press and media 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Visual Communication Design 4 English  8412$ 4.570$
Chemistry 4 English 10281$ 4.570$
Physics 4 English 10281$ 4.570$
Tourism management 4 English 8632$ 4.684$
Culinary Arts 4 English 8632$ 4.684$
entertainment management 4 English 8632$ 4.684$
Teaching English language 4 English 10281$ 5.540$
Guidance and Counseling 4 English 10281$ 5.540$
Architecture 4 English 10281$ 5.540$
Interior Architecture 4 English 10281$ 5.540$
Civil Engineering 4 English 10281$ 5.540$
Information Systems Engineering 4 English 10281$ 5.540$
Software Engineering 4 English 10281$ 5.540$
Computer Engineering 4 English 10281$ 5.540$
Electrical and Electronic Engineering 4 English 10281$ 5.540$
Communications and Electronics Engineering 4 English 10281$ 5.540$
Industrial Engineering 4 English 10281$ 5.540$
Engineering Management 4 English 10281$ 5.540$
Mechanical Engineering 4 English 10281$ 5.540$
Mechatronics Engineering 4 English 10281$ 5.540$
Biomedical Engineering 4 English 10281$ 5.540$
Nutrition and Food Sciences 4 English 14575$ 7.777$
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation 4 English 14575$ 7.777$
Nursing 4 English 14575$ 7.777$
Turkish Language and Literature 4 Turkish 16.170 TL 16.170 TL
sports Sciences 4 Turkish 16.170 TL 16.170 TL
Health Management 4 Turkish 16.170 TL 16.170 TL
Turkish language teaching methods 4 Turkish 21.315 TL 21.315 TL
Teaching Music 4 Turkish 21.315 TL 21.315 TL
Teaching mathematics for preparatory school 4 Turkish 21.840 TL 21.840 TL
Primary Education 4 Turkish 21.840 TL 21.840 TL
Preschool Education 4 Turkish TL 22.648 TL 22.648
Teaching Social Sciences Teacher 4 Turkish TL 22.648 TL 22.648
Special Education 4 Turkish TL 22.648 TL 22.648
Law 4 Turkish 23.661 TL 23.661 TL
Preparatory School for English Language 1 English 4.670$ 4.670$
ROOM TYPES ON CAMPUS Tuition Fee per semester (tuition fee +  3-course meal)
Double Room 1575 $
Triple room 1470 $
Quadruple room 1365 $